Cargo container ship at port.


E-scrap import enforcement action by the Malaysian government drew reader interest last month, as did a lithium-ion battery recycling startup, the ongoing legal saga of Closed Loop CRT suppliers, an e-plastics processing line and a company’s inaugural sustainability report.

The list below shows our top stories published in June in terms of unique page views.

1 | Malaysia customs reports illegal e-scrap shipments

The Malaysian government inspected more than 300 shipping containers and found that about one-third contained e-scrap illegally imported from the U.S., officials said during a June 26 press conference in Klang, Malaysia.

2 | Lithion begins processing batteries from EVs and e-scrap

A Quebec-area startup has brought its first commercial lithium-ion battery recycling facility online in Canada and plans to open up shop in the U.S. very soon.

3 | Closed Loop CRT settlements in Arizona reach $10.8 million

A number of processors that supplied cathode ray tube glass to multiple Arizona warehouse locations leased by failed downstream outlet Closed Loop Refining and Recovery have settled in a major lawsuit filed by the landlords of the property.

4 | CompuCycle brings e-plastic recycling upgrade online

Houston-based CompuCycle brought its planned plastic sorting line upgrade online, allowing it to process up to three tons of e-plastic per hour, including PS, ABS, PE and PP.

5 | Sunnking processed 23.3M pounds of e-scrap in 2023

After a rebrand earlier this year to focus on environmental, social and governance reporting, Sunnking Sustainable Solutions in New York released its first ESG report, laying the groundwork for short- and long-term goals and reporting on its 2023 numbers.