Buncker units are designed for the safe transport of lithium-ion batteries. | Courtesy of Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is bringing its Buncker packaging line to the American lithium-ion recycling market. 

The packaging line is United Nations-rated for transportation, storage and handling of all types and statuses of lithium batteries, according to a press release

“Though lithium batteries have increased in popularity due to their long lifespan, high energy density, and relative safety when used properly, the risk of thermal runaway remains a legitimate concern,” the press release noted, and “traditional packaging methods may not be appropriate for the transport of lithium batteries.”

Buncker can handle new batteries, refurbished batteries, cells or batteries for disposal or recycling, low production runs, prototypes and even damaged, defective, recalled and end-of-life batteries. 

The packaging is available in five sizes, from small to XXL. It has a pallet-based packaging design, which allows the packaging units to be stacked and forklifted on all sides. That design earned it an iF Design Award 2024 in the category of Industry – B2B Packaging. 

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