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An ITAD startup, a new round of federal funding, a comparison of ITAD firms’ website traffic and one major processor’s take on used device markets made the list of our top-read stories last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in March in terms of unique page views.

1 | A new ITAD firm starts up in Texas

Led by a team that includes industry veterans, Houston, Texas-based ITAD firm eCircular announced its official launch on Feb. 28. A company leader says the venture will be able to fill an underserved portion of the ITAD market and help other processors as well.

2 | Federal program seeks to ‘defragment’ e-scrap sector

A technology manager with the U.S. Department of Energy said improving e-scrap management fits squarely within the federal government’s material sourcing and climate goals. That’s why the agency has launched a new funding and technical assistance opportunity targeting electronics recovery.

3 | ITAD report ranks companies’ marketing results

Which processor has the most aggressive marketing campaign? Who is getting the most traffic from search engine results? How is the overall ITAD industry faring in site visits? An analysis from Compliance Standards has the answers.

4 | Component values sting Iron Mountain’s ITAD revenue

Data management firm Iron Mountain reported a 67% decrease in income in 2023 compared to the prior year, largely because of macroeconomic forces but also due to lower resale market prices. Company executives said they’re optimistic about the company’s growing ITAD operations, however.

5 | UN issues ‘immediate call’ for greater e-scrap recovery

A global analysis from the United Nations found that electronics and electrical equipment are reaching end of life at a quantity and speed that is far outpacing the recycling sector’s capacity to collect and process that material. Still, the global collection rate is on the rise.