Logitech is aiming to use more PCR in its electronics. | Hernan E. Schmidt/Shutterstock

Logitech is moving to use more recycled e-plastic in its video collaboration equipment and is offering to share its methods for incorporating recycled materials with other companies. 

According to a press release, all existing Logitech video conference products are being redesigned with recycled materials “without price increase or quality change.” 

Many of its other products – Logitech Sight, the Rally Bar Family, webcams, mice, headsets and keyboards – were already made with recycled materials, the press release noted, but are being redesigned to be less carbon-intensive. Logitech is also maintaining its option for businesses to recycle old video conferencing equipment via Logitech Select. 

Newer conference room products like Logitech Sight use at least 50% certified recycled plastic, the press release said. A company spokesperson added that the recycled resins are mostly ABS and high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Recycled polycarbonate (PC) plastic is also used.

Prakash Arunkundrum, chief operating officer at Logitech, said “we’re not only designing and manufacturing new products with recycled plastic and other lower carbon materials, but refreshing existing products to provide IT leaders with a new way to evaluate their workplace technology investment in conference room systems – one that includes people and planet.”

Logitech is offering to share its design-for-sustainability principles, tools and knowledge of how to incorporate more sustainable materials in the manufacturing process with other organizations in consumer technology. The goal is to “drive carbon reduction at an even bigger scale and stimulate industry-wide progress,” the press release said. 

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