Massachusetts-based VALIS Insights aims to leverage its data collection software to close gaps in the recycling value chain. | Richie Sullivan/Shutterstock

With help from Closed Loop Partners, metal sorting technology company VALIS Insights exceeded its goal in seed round investment, putting it on track to begin implementing its data sharing systems.

This funding success comes after the Massachusetts-based company’s pilot-scale launch of VALI-Sort with Radius Recycling earlier this year. The software product can be directly integrated with sensor-based sorting equipment at facilities to collect data on the quality and value of material in the system. 

“VALI-Sort is the first step in VALIS’s long-term vision to create an integrated platform that bridges gaps along the entire recycling value chain,” a press release noted. “This technology aims to enable data sharing between facilities, offer visibility for manufacturers on their products at end-of-life and incorporate optimization along every point of the recycling process to ensure the materials of yesterday are effectively recovered to meet the demand of tomorrow.” 

VALIS has been developing AI capabilities for recycling since 2019, with support from Small Business Innovative Research grants and National Science Foundation grants. It was officially incorporated in July of 2022. 

Emily Molstad, the company’s CEO, said in the press release that recycling facilities “are generating a wealth of data that is currently going to waste.” 

“This data has the power to transform how process decisions are made, material quality is assessed and recyclable metals are sold,” Molstad said. “At VALIS, we’re putting AI-powered tools in the hands of recyclers by integrating directly with their equipment and current operations. We’re enabling data driven decision-making so they can be confident their processes are optimized even as material and market trends shift.” 

This seed funding round was led by Closed Loop Partners’ Ventures Group, with participation from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, GS Futures and the WPI Commercialization Fund, among others. The company plans to use the money to expand the VALIS team in the software development, sales and operations areas in preparation for an at-scale rollout. 

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