Pile of lithium-ion button batteries.

The Lion-X extinguishing agent is capable of putting out fires of over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit, according to representatives from Fireproof Solutions. | Kiri11/Shutterstock

Packaging and Crating Technologies (PACT) and Fireproof Solutions have collaborated to create an agent that works “quickly, safely and neatly” to put out lithium-ion battery fires. 

Lion-X is the first specialized fire extinguishing agent that contains and destroys fires involving lithium-ion batteries, battery packs and chargers, a press release noted. It can also halt thermal runaway events. 

PACT President Rodger Mort said, “Safety for first responders, transportation companies and the general public has always been the driving force of our company and we know Lion-X will be a life-saving game-changer for everyone.”

The extinguisher contains a pre-mixed, water-based agent that forms a low-expansion foam from an aspirating nozzle. The solution is compatible with both portable and wheeled extinguishers for either manual or automatic spraying. It can also be piped directly, without foaming, into EV battery packs and energy storage system modules. 

Dennis Rediker, CEO of Fireproof Solutions, said the agent can stick to 3-D shapes, overhead surfaces and vertical surfaces. It can easily penetrate into small crevices as well, according to Rediker.

“Additionally, when the fire is completely snuffed out, Lion-X only leaves behind a fine powder residue, which continues to cool surfaces and is easily washed off with a wet cloth or paper towel,” he added. “Its flexibility and universality are revolutionary.”

Lion-X can put out lithium-ion fires upwards of 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds and also can contain the toxic smoke, the press release noted. The powder residue is safe on skin and in sewer systems, the press release noted.  

The agent can also control fires fueled by other materials, such as wood, paper and fiber. 

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