The recently released material is derived from small domestic appliances collected in the U.K. and the broader EU. | Courtesy of EMR Group

MBA Polymers UK has released a recycled content polymer in response to increased demand from electronics, automotive and cosmetics manufacturers. 

Certified by safety science company UL Solutions, ABS 4125 contains more than 95% post-consumer recycled content. 

“With manufacturers operating in a market where the demand for recycled ABS outstrips supply, MBA Polymers UK is already exporting its new product to businesses globally including the USA and Hong Kong,” a press release noted. 

Paul Mayhew, General Manager

MBA Polymers UK plans to launch more recycled content polymers in the coming years, with a goal of delivering 100,000 metric tons of recycled plastics content to manufacturers by 2030, the press release stated. 

The company is part of EMR, a sustainable materials company that recycles around 10 million tons of materials each year. Its feedstock includes end-of-life vehicles, household appliances and construction material.  

ABS 4125 is derived from e-scrap collected from small domestic appliances in the U.K. and the EU, a company spokesperson told E-Scrap News. The appliances are processed, separated and purified using over 27 patented processes to achieve the high level of recycled content.

Paul Mayhew, general manager of MBA Polymers UK, noted in the press release that many people told his company that such a high level of recycled content was not possible, but “our team of dedicated engineers and scientists have not only proven them wrong, they have delivered a product, which can turn the growing supply of waste electronics into the next generation of sustainable consumer products.” 

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