The REDWAVE XRF fine promises precise material identification and a purer end product. | Courtesy of REDWAVE

REDWAVE released a system that sorts fine metals using a belt rather than a chute.

The REDWAVE XRF fine can accurately detect and sort a blend of non-ferrous metals starting from a size of 4 millimeters into pure copper, brass, zinc and precious metal fractions. 

“For metal recyclers, fully automated sorting with X-ray fluorescence technology has proven to be extremely economical and efficient for years,” a press release noted. “However, there is a challenge when it comes to sorting fine materials (4-25 mm) without any loss.” 

That’s due to the chute system used by conventional sorting machines. The REDWAVE XRF fine was developed specifically for materials starting at 4 millimeters and employs a belt system to circumvent the shortcomings of a chute system. 

“Compared to conventional chute systems, the belt system boasts maximum precision,” the press release stated. “This is particularly advantageous when sorting fine metals, as they can be precisely identified and accurately ejected.”

The system is also easy to maintain and service, the press release noted, and boasts energy-saving valves “optimally arranged and spaced to maximize sorting accuracy.” E-scrap recyclers can potentially get higher prices for metals by using these machines, the press release said, because the end results will be purer. 

REDWAVE CEO Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs said in the press release that the “technology promises to unlock new opportunities for metal recyclers across the globe to more effectively conserve and recover valuable resources, ultimately benefiting both their business and the environment.”

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