Aqua Metals developed a way to plate high-purity cobalt and produce manganese dioxide from lithium-ion battery black mass.

Appliance recycling company ARCA Recycling plans to open three recycling facilities in June and July, located in Washington state, California and New Jersey. 

ATRenew released its 2021 ESG report, finding that it reduced 464,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions through the sale of used mobile phones in 2021. 

Mobile reuse company ecoATM/Gazelle named Stan Pavlovsky as its CEO. Pavlovsky was previously CEO of Shutterstock.

Quantum Lifecycle Partners released a greenhouse gas calculator tool for customers to evaluate and report emission reductions achieved through reusing and recycling electronics through Quantum. 

Non-ferrous metal sorting technology company REDWAVE launched a versatile machine that has minimal downtime, an adaptable footprint and adjustable sorting widths. 

Re-Teck opened a facility in Etten-Leur, Netherlands, in May, its third in the region. 

TCO Certified added imaging equipmenqut as a product category, so the certification standard now covers 12 product categories and most office IT products.