The e-Stewards certification program extended its 50% discount on the first annual license fee until the end of 2022.

European Union lawmakers agreed to mandate that electronics manufacturers use the standard USB-C charging port on electronics starting in 2024. 

Lithium-ion battery recycling startup Li-Cycle signed a long-term commercial agreement with Glencore, and Glencore completed its $200 million investment in Li-Cycle through the purchase of a five-year convertible note. In addition, Kunal Sinha, Glencore’s head of recycling, was appointed to Li-Cycle’s board of directors.

Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) launched the 20th year of hosting hard-to-recycle collection events. 

Quebec Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA-Quebec) recycled more than 175,000 tons in a decade and marked its 10th anniversary. 

Samsung will stop producing LCD displays, planning to focus on OLED and newer technologies instead.