The following are facilities that have achieved, renewed or otherwise regained R2 certification recently:

A&S Trading of Temple Hills, Md.; Avant Solutions of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Best Look Global Electronics Solutions of Hong Kong, China; CTNY of Carrollton, Texas; Green Wave Computer Recycling/GW Tech Parts of Indianapolis; J2 International of Hong Kong, China; Kintel Communication of Dallas, Texas; Procurri of Mississauga, Ontario; R3EWaste of Phoenix; Sipi Asset RecoveryBTR Colombia of Municipa de Cota; Departamento Cundinamarca, Colombia; Sunrise Recycling Services (dba Omega Recycling Solutions) of Jackson, Tenn.; Taber Group (dba ITAD Solutions) of Euless, Texas; Wisetek Solutions of Buckinghamshire, U.K.; and Xperien of Gauteng, South Africa. 

After completing successful audits, the organizations listed below achieved one or more of these NAID AAA certifications: physical destruction of hard drives, physical destruction of solid state devices, over-writing or degaussing of physical hard drives, over-writing of solid state devices.

5L Group of Hull, Mass.; Dataknox Solutions of Newark, Calif.; Iron Mountain of North Cavan, South Australia; and The Shredder of Des Moines, Iowa.

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