Keyboard with green certification key.

Online used device marketplace Back Market named phone certification provider Phonecheck as a preferred partner. | TKCREDIT/Shutterstock

Refurbishers selling used electronics through Back Market will have additional tools to enhance device diagnostics and certification, according to the company.

Back Market, an online marketplace for refurbished electronics, named mobile device certification provider Phonecheck as a preferred partner, according to a press release. Phonecheck provides information such as device history, including device authenticity, ownership status, carrier information, repair history, functionality and more.

“By leveraging the use of comprehensive device certification from Phonecheck, sellers typically see much brisker sales and 5-10% higher resale value,” according to the release.

As of this year, refurbishers selling through Back Market are required to provide an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number for each phone. Phonecheck analyzes the IMEI numbers to confirm whether a device has been reported lost or stolen, was blacklisted or is subject to an insurance claim, the release states.

Back Market and Phonecheck have worked together for the last two years, but Phonecheck is now providing additional data with the Back Market requirement that IMEI numbers are provided.

“Refurbished device sales have been booming, but quality still remains a top concern,” Lauren Benton, U.S. general manager at Back Market, stated in the release.”Our goal is to give consumers no factual reason to buy new. Services like Phonecheck increase assurance even further to create airtight trust.”

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