Hong Kong courts convicted seven importers of illegally bringing in e-scrap from several countries. The U.S. was on the list of exporting countries.

According to a recent press release from the Hong Kong government, a court on Aug. 22 convicted and fined three importers and two recycling site operators.

Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and Customs and Excise Department agents intercepted three containers of printed circuit boards (PCBs), used toner cartridges, flat-panel displays and used batteries, none of which were covered by a valid import permit, the press release states. They had come from the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and the Dominican Republic.

EPD agents also found PCBs, flat-panel displays and CRTs at two open recycling sites.

A separate press release issued earlier in August says the Hong Kong court convicted and fined four importers bringing material in from the U.S. and United Arab Emirates. Agents in that case had intercepted five containers holding flat-panel displays, used batteries and PCBs intended for dismantling or sale in Hong Kong.

The press releases state that the EPD will return all containers to their exporting countries.

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