Kenya becomes the first African country to pass a law directing flows of e-scrap, and an Aussie stewardship group reaches out to the country’s business community.

Kenya: Voice of America takes a look at efforts to formalize e-scrap management in Kenya, a country of more than 44 million people and the first in Africa to require e-scrap to be handled at government-licensed facilities. The report highlights the work of Nairobi-based East African Compliant Recycling, which collects about 144 tons of material a month for recycling.

Australia: An electronics stewardship group says the business community was supportive of its e-scrap collection efforts at the group’s second-annual “Waste Not, Want Not” Day. IT Brief reports that TechCollect, an extended producer responsibility group, also called on businesses to promote and reward employees for committing to recycling electronics.

U.K.: Materials Handling World Magazine wrote a feature on Ucan Recycling, an e-scrap company providing jobs and skills training to the long-term unemployed in the Leeds area of England. Started in 2010, the company processes 900 metric tons of scrap per year while serving a social mission.


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