Wide world of e-scrapThe Irish celebrate impressive e-scrap and appliance recycling rates, and more communities in the U.K. are offering curbside e-scrap collection.


Ireland: The City of Wexford is celebrating the amount of electronics and electrical appliances it recycled in 2015. The New Ross Standard says Wexford residents recycled more than 1,500 tons, which equates to recovery of around 11 electric items per household. Ireland already has the highest e-scrap recycling rate in Europe, at 60 percent.

Romania: The Norwegian government is helping pay for an e-scrap and appliance recycling program in Romania. Norway is contributing $1.2 million in grant funding, according to the Diplomat. The money will go toward hiring staff and buying equipment.

U.K.: A local government council in the U.K. has started curbside collection of small electronic equipment and batteries. MRW says the North Devon Council hopes the service will help boost the area’s recycling rate from 44 percent to 50 percent. Officials say 193 other local governments in the U.K. offer curbside pick-up of small electronics.