Wide world of e-scrapE-scrap firms in India are capable of processing about one-quarter of the e-scrap generated in the country, and a city in Ireland is enjoying an uptick in e-scrap recycling rates.

India: The Indian government recently announced the country generated nearly 1.9 million tons of e-scrap in 2014, according to The Economic Times. The government report also noted the country has 151 private e-scrap processors that can only handle about 446,000 tons per year, meaning large volumes are heading into the informal sector or the waste stream.

Nepal: Officials in the country of 27.8 million are discussing how to manage e-scrap because no laws exist to govern disposal, says the Himalayan Times. One official says old devices are currently being thrown into rivers.

Ireland: E-scrap recovery in the city of Galway is up 17 percent from the year 2014, writes the Connacht Tribune. Officials say many people are recycling through local retailers. The materials recovery program in Ireland includes electronic devices as well as appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.

Van Dyk