Patent watch, E-Scrap NewsA national processing company develops a collection bin for e-scrap, and researchers at the University of Houston push forward in rare-earth recovery.

Fresno, Calif.-based Electronic Recyclers International was awarded Patent No. 9,365,227 for a bin made specifically for public collection of scrap electronics.

A scrap material shredding and compressing system is the subject of Patent No. 9,375,721, awarded to Calabash, N.C.-based James L. Lewis Sr.

Patent No. 9,376,735 was given to The University of Houston (Texas) System for a method of recovering rare-earth elements from scrap electronics.

Kyushu University, National University Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. from Fukuoka-shi, Japan and Tokyo, respectively, were given Patent No.9,376,734 for a method of extracting indium from e-scrap.

Osaka, Japan’s Panasonic Corporation was given Patent No. 9,381,546 for a scrap material separation device.

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