A bill that had the potential to do away with North Carolina’s e-scrap program was revised before passing.

House Bill 765, which now awaits the signature of Gov. Pat McCrory, gained the approval of North Carolina legislators in the House on Sept. 29. While an earlier version of the wide-reaching legislation would have defunded the state’s e-scrap program, the ratified version instead recommends a comprehensive study to be conducted by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources in consultation with manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders.

“In conducting this study, the Department shall consider (i) the changing waste stream, including the transition from televisions containing cathode ray tubes to flat screen televisions; (ii) the current status of North Carolina’s recycling system, including cost and financing issues, and options that may be available to reduce costs and establish sufficient funding to cover necessary costs; (iii) opportunities for more efficient and effective recycling systems; and (iv) any other issue the Department deems relevant,” the bill reads.

Findings of the study will have to be reported by April 1, 2016.

Not long ago, the bill included very different language. When it was passed by the Senate in mid-July, the measure repealed the state’s manufacturer-funded program. At the time, it faced strong opposition from local collection programs as well as the state chapter of the Sierra Club.