Microsoft alleges a recycling company willfully advertised and sold refurbished computers with unlicensed copies of its software.

In the suit filed Jan. 25 against Phoenix-based E-Waste Harvesters, Inc., Microsoft says it repeatedly warned the company against using its products or trademarks that it has not authorized. Specifically, the software giant says the company advertised and sold computers with Microsoft Windows and Office software, without the necessary licenses to do so.

Microsoft has asked that E-Waste Harvesters halt its alleged infringement and has requested the seizure of allegedly infringing merchandise. Microsoft has also asked that the company pay damages covering profits from the allegedly infringing computers, as well as legal fees.

A specific timeframe for when the case might be resolved is unknown, but a spokesman for E-Waste Harvesters believes it will be resolved soon.

“The matter is in litigation, but E-Waste Harvesters is expecting to resolve this issue quickly, and we hope to have some good news for you in the next several weeks,” said Steve Forbes, E-Waste Harvesters VP of Contract Administration.

Microsoft refused to comment on pending litigation.