All 10 citations levied against COM2 Computers and Technologies LLC by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be cleared by the end of the month, following a settlement agreement made between the agency and the company Oct. 16.

OSHA had alleged that the Carol Stream, Illinois processor had violated air quality and worker safety practices relating to lead exposure at one of its facilities. However, the agency has agreed to reduce the fines imposed on the company by 65 percent and has abated nine of the 10 alleged violations. The one remaining alleged violation will be abated at the end of the month, following the completion of medical testing on employees.

“Although COM2 believes that some of the violations were not justified, it opted to settle with OSHA on the pending violations,” said Suresh Rao, director of consulting services for Environment, Inc., which recently conducted air quality testing at the company’s facility.

A full list of the citations and abatement dates is listed here.

COM2 is both an e-Stewards and R2 certified e-scrap processor and even though the violations have been abated, the incident underscores the challenge to monitoring certified firms to ensure standards are continuously met.