American Beverage awarded $986,000 to the city of McKinney, Texas, to buy new curbside recycling carts for 58,000 households.

Arcos Dorados Holdings, the largest independent McDonald’s franchisee and local packaging supplier in Argentina, is using J&J Green Paper’s Janus biodegradable paper coating for bags and burger wrappers.

Producer responsibility organization Circular Action Alliance announced that Juri Freeman, currently managing principal for RRS, will serve as executive director for the PRO in Colorado, carrying out the extended producer responsibility program for packaging.

Australian recovery company Cleanaway chose AMCS to upgrade its systems with AI.

Colorado’s governor signed HB 1121, a right-to-repair electronics bill, into law. It expands the state’s current law, which covers electric wheelchairs and farm equipment, to include consumer electronics. 

Packaging and recycling firm DS Smith announced it has replaced more than 1.2 billion plastic packaging items with fiber-based alternatives, hitting the company’s 2025 goal more than a year early. Examples include using a cardboard-based handle in place of traditional plastic shrink wraps used for multi-pack bottles and replacing plastic fruit and vegetable trays with fiber-based alternatives.

WM plans to acquire specialty waste management firm Stericycle for $7.2 billion. Stericycle is largely focused on medical waste management, but the company also handles e-scrap as part of its information destruction segment.