Producer responsibility legislation, recycling facility fires and the latest prices for post-consumer recyclables drew readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in March in terms of unique page views.

1 | Ten EPR bills introduced in 2024 so far

Extended producer responsibility for paper and packaging is once again a hot topic in statehouses across the country.

2 | MRF battery fires burn ‘really fast’ and ‘really hot’

At a Portland, Oregon-area transfer station, site superintendent Matt Tracy has noticed smaller lithium-ion batteries often behave like fireworks when they go into thermal runaway: They move erratically and can even become projectiles.

3 | Packaging deposits, packaging EPR get federal attention

Several different policy strategies to increase recycling have been getting federal attention as of late, including extended producer responsibility and container deposits.

4 | Curbside grades fetching higher prices in March

Average OCC prices climbed higher than $100 per ton this month, levels not seen in a year and a half. Other fiber grades, and most curbside plastic materials, also continued to trend higher.

5 | Colorado PRO revises EPR recycling scenarios

At the request of the state, Circular Action Alliance revised its draft needs assessment in Colorado in response to over 100 public and industry comments.