CheckSammy received a $45 million investment to improve its transparent, measurable waste diversion. 

Colorado’s Circular Economy Development Center partnered with Grand Junction-based Business Incubator Center to promote the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. 

Goodwill’s Green Works received a $50,000 grant from the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s Foam Recycling Coalition to buy a foam densifier.

Machinex Technologies was hired to design, manufacture and install Matrec’s MRF in Montreal, Quebec. Matrec is a division of GFL Environmental. 

The National Wash Network launched a network of commercial wash facilities and logistics providers across major Canadian metropolitan areas. 

Aluminum production and recycling giant Novelis announced it will supply Ardagh Metal Packaging with aluminum sheet that Ardagh will use to produce beverage cans.

Rubicon Technologies launched a Valentine’s Day candy wrapper collection campaign as part of its Trash or Treasure program. 

The Vermont State Senate decided not to override the governor’s veto of last session’s bottle bill expansion