Waste and recycling bins on a residential street.

The Recycling Program Solutions Hub is intended to provide up-to-date information on local recycling programs. | Johnny Habell/Shutterstock

Circularity-focused NGO The Recycling Partnership has launched a free resource to help local recycling center staff improve their operations. 

The Recycling Program Solutions Hub is an interactive tool “designed for local recycling staff to connect, optimize and propel their recycling programs forward” by providing a map of local program attributes throughout the U.S., customized program recommendations and access to The Recycling Partnership’s (TRP) catalog of resources. 

Louise Bruce, managing director of TRP’s Center for Sustainable Behavior and Impact, said in a press release that the hub will provide employees with “ready-to-use solutions as well as a two-way data exchange with The Recycling Partnership’s National Recycling Database, thereby improving local access information while also making advancements that will impact the broader recycling system.”

“We know recycling program stakeholders, specifically at the local level, are the key drivers for making recycling work in this country,” Bruce said. “They are on the ground, working every day to improve their programs and engage the public in how to recycle.” 

The hub was developed with support from the Milliken & Company Charitable Foundation and Walmart Foundation, the press release added. 

Halsey Cook, president and CEO of Milliken & Company and board chair of the Milliken & Company Charitable Foundation, said that the hub brings the country “one step closer to a truly circular economy.”

Scott Keller, senior program manager for sustainability and recycling for the city of Beaverton, Ore., noted in the press release that the interactive map will be most useful if communities go in and add their information.

“This is something that will become more valuable for recycling planners as more and more communities enter up-to-date, accurate and live information about our various recycling programs,” Keller said. “Other solid waste managers should check out the site and update their community information because if we all did this, it’s going to be helpful to all of us.” 

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