A story about OCC recycling markets was among our top-read stories in August. | Jared Paben/Resource Recycling

A mix of coverage of recycling markets, EPR policy and a notable industry retirement attracted our readers’ attention last month. 

1 | Markets sting recycling revenue for WM, others

Fiber prices are slowly recovering from the rock-bottom values of late last year and early this year, but scrap plastic prices have fallen dramatically in recent months, taking a toll on the largest haulers’ recycling businesses.

2 | Paper giants foresee continuing rise in OCC prices

Some of the largest consumers of fiber bales enjoyed low OCC prices during the second quarter, giving them a little margin relief amid an otherwise tough business environment. As the year progresses, they’re expecting to pay more for recovered fiber, however. 

3 | The evolution of eco-modulation to drive eco-design

Reid Lifset, a long-time EPR researcher at Yale, talked with Resource Recycling about his latest research on the application of fees and bonuses to drive design choices.

4 | Industry sends ‘recycling philosopher’ into retirement

Leaders from across the sector reflect on the career of Michael Timpane, who for 40 years has brought big ideas – and plenty of wit – to the world of municipal recycling.

5 | Biden-Harris admin aims for more sustainable procurement

The federal government has announced plans to further prioritize American-made sustainable products and services in its purchasing, including recycled content.