Bales of plastics for recycling.

Greenpeace’s report calling into question the viability of the plastics recycling industry drew attention last month. | MuhammadAzman/Shutterstock

Greenpeace’s controversial assertions about plastics recycling drew our readers’ clicks last month, along with a market pricing look at a couple of fiber recycling opinion pieces.

The list below shows our top stories published in October in terms of unique page views.

1 | Greenpeace report: No US plastic is truly recyclable
An updated report from Greenpeace USA maintains that no plastics in the U.S. actually meet the definition of recyclable and calls for companies to switch to other materials.

2 | Autumn brings accelerated decline in fiber markets
Recovered fiber prices have crumbled this month, with OCC values cut in half and mixed paper dropping into negative territory for the first time in over two years.

3 | Editor’s Perspective: First look at a retooled paper mill
Our staffer relays some of his market and technology takeaways after seeing the upgrades brought on through NORPAC’s $50 million investment in mixed paper recycling in Washington state.

4 | In My Opinion: The OCC rate is not up for debate
A recent analysis suggested the U.S. OCC recycling rate was not as high as previously reported, but an industry representative argues researchers are omitting important information.

5 | How SB 54 went from twice-failed bill to landmark EPR
Stakeholders working on California’s game-changing extended producer responsibility program performed CPR on the EPR bill several times over the final few months.