Great Lakes Tissue plant interior.

A Michigan carton recycling collaboration was of interest to readers last month. | Courtesy of Great Lakes Tissue

Last month, our readers were hungry to learn about a paper mill’s efforts to clean up its residuals to enable future materials recovery, among other news.

The list below shows our top stories published in July in terms of unique page views.

1 | Michigan paper mill finds new solution for residuals
Collaboration between an industry group and several Michigan organizations helped Great Lakes Tissue think outside the carton when it comes to its use of recycled material.

2 | Prices collapse for bales of recovered plastics
July brought sweeping drops in the value of PET, HDPE and PP, according to the latest pricing survey. Prices also fell for recycled aluminum cans.

3 | How new California law is ‘putting the industry on notice’
Industry leaders mostly expressed support for California’s recently signed extended producer responsibility bill, though some said they still had concerns about its far reach.

4 | In My Opinion: Unpacking the elements of effective EPR
An expert on recycling policy outlines best practices in developing extended producer responsibility for packaging.

5 | How different diversion systems stack up on GHG emissions
A new life cycle assessment quantifies the impacts of different curbside collection scenarios, concluding that a typical single-stream recycling program reduces overall emissions by almost 40% when compared with simply landfilling the material.