Cargo transport ships on the water.A varied mix of international trade, sorting technologies, domestic end markets and legislation stories drew readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in May in terms of unique page views.

1 | Basel changes may have ‘bigger impact’ than China ban
The move last week by 187 governments to alter a global waste treaty will mean further uncertainty for U.S. scrap plastic exports.

2 | How recycling robots have spread across North America
Over just a few years, robotic sorting has gone from a gee-whiz laboratory curiosity to a key technology in a number of different types of facilities.

3 | Paper giants talk mixed paper and OCC outlook
Recovered fiber end users continue to experience impacts from fluctuating recycling markets, which they discussed in their recent earnings calls. Stakeholders also speculated on the future of fiber exports to Asia.

4 | Recycling will likely feel tariff impacts – again
In the wake of recent trade announcements from the U.S. and China, recycled paper pulp shipped to China will face additional levies and a North American equipment supplier has predicted major fallout from increased costs.

5 | Canadian bill would put strict limits on packaging design
Federal legislation proposed in Canada requires consumer packaging to be made from a short list of recyclable materials. The guidelines allow only the most common recyclables, including just two plastic resins.

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