In the runup to the 2017 Resource Recycling Conference, we’re offering up email profiles of a few of the experts who will be taking the stage in Minneapolis in late August.

This week, we feature Jessica Branom-Zwick, a senior associate at Cascadia Consulting Group. She will speak in a data and strategy session called “New Ways to Look at Recycling.”

What will you be discussing on stage?
My presentation focuses on using a data-driven approach to zero waste and diversion planning that provides jurisdictions and organizations with reliable estimates of the diverted and disposed quantities, cost impacts and greenhouse gas benefits that they can expect from implementing their plan.

Why is this an important issue for members of the recycling industry to pay attention to?
Without reliable estimates regarding tonnages and costs, jurisdictions and organizations may set unachievable goals, not reach their zero waste or diversion goals (even if they are achievable), not choose the most effective strategies, and/or not budget accurately for implementation.

What makes you most excited to be a part of the recycling industry right now?
More and more programs, jurisdictions and organizations are collecting better and bigger data sets that I can use in modeling and projections: curbside participation rates, contamination rates, outreach and ordinance effectiveness and costs, MRF processing and residual rates and more! Better data leads to better plans, better implementation and better results.

Branom-Zwick will be joined by Shannon Davis of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Ronald Vance of the U.S. EPA in the “New Ways to Look at Recycling” session to be held Tuesday, Aug. 29. It will be moderated by Lynn Rubinstein of the Northeast Recycling Council.

The 2017 Resource Recycling Conference is set for Aug. 28-30 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. Registration is now open. Act now to get the discounted conference hotel rate. Head to for all the latest on attending, exhibiting and sponsoring.


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