One deadline approaches for recycling grants in Iowa, and $4.6 million is awarded to a host of projects in Kentucky.

Grants awarded: Recycling, composting and household hazardous waste efforts in Kentucky have received grants to the tune of $4.6 million for the 2017-18 fiscal year. The money was awarded to a total of 86 projects covering the three categories. The grant sum is generated by a $1.75 fee for each ton of municipal solid waste disposed of in Kentucky landfills.

New funding opportunities: The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will offer $500,000 in grants for materials management projects that promote the prevention, reuse or recovery of solid waste. The grants are open to local governments and qualifying nonprofit organizations. New this year, $50,000 in “micro grants” will be available for nonprofit organizations and small businesses, aimed at addressing workforce challenges in the reuse and repair fields.

Assistance available: The deadline is approaching for grant applications to Iowa’s Solid Waste Alternatives Program, which aims to promote recycling, reuse and source reduction. The funding program, which offers low- or no-interest loans for public and private organizations, has its next application deadline on July 1.

Professional development: A separate Iowa program, the Department of Natural Resources’ Professional Development Assistance Program, issues small grants to aid in the professional development of the state’s solid waste professionals. Applications for that grant program will be accepted beginning July 1.

Cart grants: Communities looking to shift to cart-based curbside collection may be eligible for some help from The Recycling Partnership. The group provides grants to a variety of local programs serving more than 4,000 households, including up to $7 per cart in grant funding.  The grant program has a rolling deadline.