Wide world of recyclingPeople in Scotland can drink beer and feel good about it environmentally, and a group of European companies is exploring turning diapers into new plastics.

Scotland: Organizers of a beer festival in Scotland announced their event is the first to tie into a regional zero-waste campaign. The movement is an effort to support the government’s zero waste plan.

Europe: A consortium of 12 companies plans to turn diapers and other items found in wastewater into bio-aromatics, which are the building blocks of new plastics. Those aromatics are usually made from petroleum.

Australia: Now that the state of Queensland has a bottle bill, what will the refund scheme look like? The Sunshine Coast Daily says reverse vending machines are being considered.

Cambodia: A recently released YouTube video highlights a landfill in Cambodia. Dave Hakkens points out that waste isn’t separated in Cambodia, which means all recyclables end up in the giant pile of trash, which will eventually be burned.