Wide world of recyclingQueensland becomes the latest Australian state to pass a bottle bill, and a textile company that uses recovered materials in fabrics makes moves in Europe.

Australia: The state of Queensland recently passed a bottle bill. It places a 10-cent deposit (Australian currency) on all plastic, can and cardboard drink containers. New South Wales recently passed a similar bill, according to The Courier Mail.

Austria: A textile manufacturer has developed a new cotton that is made from waste fabrics. Lenzing says its new fabric also incorporates its TENCEL technology, which uses wood scrap.

Spain: In other Lenzing news, it has partnered with the world’s largest clothing retailer, Zara, to accept its textile waste. Lenzing will use the scrap material to make recycled fabrics, according to ecotextile.com.

Japan: Starbucks stores in Japan are being creative with their used coffee grounds. The grounds have been turned into a tray that also incorporates wood and plastic. They’re also used in artwork, tiles and wall materials. Most used grounds have been diverted to cattle feed and fertilizer.