blue recycling bins / Toukung_design, ShutterstockA grant from The Recycling Partnership is helping Athens, Ohio improve its curbside recycling program by switching from source-separated to commingled collection.

The $80,000 grant will help the City buy larger recycling carts and provide educational and technical assistance. The City is contributing $155,000 to the effort.

Athens is home to Ohio University, and many students live in multi-family housing. The Recycling Partnership anticipates the new system will make it easier for people living in apartments to recycle.

The local materials recovery facility (MRF) was recently upgraded and the switch will help Athens take advantage of the MRF’s new capabilities.

Athens originally applied for the grant in 2015 but wasn’t selected. According to a press release, more industry funding became available, and The Recycling Partnership approached the City with the offer.