Wide world of recyclingBig bag changes take effect in Morocco, and coffee chains in the U.K. push forward goals to recycle paper cups.

Sweden: Northern European stakeholders are developing an automated system to sort and recycle textiles. Waste Management World reports the goal is to increase the amount of household and clothing textiles that are recycled from the current rate of 5 percent.

United Kingdom: Starbucks, Caffe Nero and dozens of other high-profile coffee chains and suppliers have promised to increase paper coffee cup recycling and recovery rates by the year 2020. According to CWIM, the initiative will be funded and designed by the participating companies.

Morocco: A ban on the production, sale, import and use of plastic bags is now in effect in the North African country. Al Jazeera reports an awareness campaign has been going on for weeks, telling citizens about harmful impacts the bags can have on the environment if they are not properly managed.