PetroChem Wire logoA glut of HDPE HMW scrap, regrind and repro caused prices to fall 2 to 3 cents per pound last week. Dirty flake from drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) sold at 18 to 19 cents per pound FOB U.S. South while clean pellets sold at 41 to 43 cents per pound.

Isolated repro business was done at 45 cents per pound FOB but was considered an exception. Mixed color HDPE bales from curbside scrap was priced at 22 to 23 cents per pound FOB U.S. East Coast, down 2 cents from the previous week.

Lower export demand for HDPE HMW scrap has caused scrap supply to accumulate at major U.S. East Coast yards, driving prices lower. An increase in PE scrap imports has also decreased prices. U.S. PE scrap imports totaled 47,437 metric tons in January-August 2016, up nearly 30 percent from January-August 2015, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

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