PetroChem Wire logoPrices for recycled PET are under downward pressure due to lower prime PET prices, which in turn reflect plentiful PET imports.

Late last week clear FDA regrind PET sold at 40 to 41 cents per pound delivered Midwest, down 1.5 cents per pound from the previous week. Non-FDA material sold for 37 cents per pound FOB Midwest, down 2 cents per pound.

Imported PET regrind from Latin America was discussed under 38 cents per pound delivered inland. Clear FDA PET repro fell 1.5 to 1.75 cents per pound to 55.5 cents per pound FOB U.S. South last week, largely due to competition from imported prime packing grade.

In the prime PET market, bottle-grade PET produced in the U.S. fell to 53.5 cents per pound railcar, delivered Chicago, down a penny from mid-August. Prime PET imports were priced this summer under 50 cents per pound delivered duty-paid, and through July, U.S. prime PET imports were up 11 percent from the same period in 2015.

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