Samsung’s existing partnership with uBreakiFix is set to expand, bringing pilot testing and faster repairs to customers. | Elnur/Shutterstock

Samsung is adding more device repair options in the U.S. through an expanded partnership with uBreakiFix.

uBreakiFix by Asurion has been an authorized repair provider for Samsung since 2018. Under an updated agreement between the two companies, 50 existing uBreakiFix stores will be appointed “flagship Samsung repair locations” by the end of 2023. 

“These flagship locations will have access to specialized equipment, parts inventory and Samsung training, enabling them to quickly get customers’ devices back up and running, often in the same day,” a press release noted. “The ability to get same-day repair service has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.”

The first five flagship locations, in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando and Los Angeles, were selected this summer.

Flagship stores were chosen based on both repair metrics and location. The stores will receive specialized repair jigs, increased inventory stock and a branded recycling drop-box for e-scrap. They will also kickstart pilot projects and help test new repair training. 

Terry Madonia, vice president of partnership management and merchandising at uBreakiFix, said the company has “had the privilege of working with Samsung for several years, and it has always been a highly collaborative, customer-first partnership.” 

E-Scrap Conference and Trade Show

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Paul Walker of Samsung Electronics America and Glenn McLoughlin of uBreakiFix will take part in the Mobile Repair Day event held in conjunction with this year’s E-Scrap & E-Reuse Conference. Walker will speak on “The OEM Perspective” panel and McLoughlin will present during the “Create Your A-Team” session. Set for Sept. 18, Mobile Repair Day is just one part of an info-packed three day schedule. Register for Mobile Repair Day today (registration is separate from overall E-Scrap & E-Reuse Conference registration).

“We are continually pushing to improve and elevate the repair experience, and we’re excited to see how these flagship locations deliver more value for Samsung customers by enabling even better, faster repairs,” Madonia added. 

Typically, uBreakiFix completes 94% of walk-in repairs on Samsung devices in the same day, but the expansion will enable it to serve more Galaxy customers, the press release noted. The partnership will also make booking a mobile repair van easier, to help more people complete repairs on site. 

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