Investment group HG Ventures partnered with American Rare Earth to scale up recycling of batteries, magnets and e-waste to recover and supply rare earth metals to markets. 

Data Recycling of New England donated 30 laptops, hard drives and power adapters to Haiti Renaissance Project Hope to help students learn. 

In 2021, the E-Cycle Washington program collected 15.33 million pounds of TVs, computers and monitors for recycling. That’s about 1% more than in 2020. 

Health Connect America (HCA) got a donation of 200 laptops from USI Insurance Services, through HCA’s subsidiary Electronic Recycling Services, which provides employment for adults with autism spectrum disorder and different disabilities. 

S3 Recycling Solutions appointed two new members to its board: James Crumlin, Jr. of Spencer Fane law firm in Nashville, Tenn. and Myra Herring from the Information Technology Senior Management Forum in Atlanta.

The World Economic Forum published an article, “Booming e-waste and how repair incentives can help keep goods out of landfills,” highlighting ways to increase repair, such as refunds and repair cafes.