The following are facilities that have achieved, renewed or otherwise regained R2 certification recently:

King Memory/Technology Experts of Columbus, Ohio; OEM Source of Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Verser Technology Lifecycles locations in Central Territory, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

After completing successful audits, the organizations listed below achieved one or more of these NAID AAA certifications: physical destruction of hard drives, physical destruction of solid state devices, over-writing or degaussing of physical hard drives, over-writing of solid state devices. 

AccuShred of Toledo, Ohio; Carolina Shred of Fort Mill, S.C.; Lifespan International of Irving, Texas; Recycling Express of Florence, Ky.; ShredAmerica of Independence, Mo.; Southern California Shredding of Lake Forest, Calif.; and Sunrise Shred of Oakland, Md.


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