Processor C2 Management launched an initiative to increase employee awareness about the company’s involvement within the e-scrap industry, including the associations the firm has joined. 

Microsoft and resin supplier Sabic rolled out the first Microsoft mouse made with an exterior shell that contains 20% recycled ocean plastic. 

Headphone producer Skullcandy announced a goal to divert from the waste stream 1 million pounds of its products by 2025. The company reported it recycled 458,000 pounds of its products from the third quarter of 2019 through the second quarter of 2021.

New York processor Sunnking donated more than $13,000 to Camp Good Days and Special Times, a local nonprofit organization helping children and families dealing with cancer.

The WEEE Forum announced that International E-Waste Day will take place on Oct. 14. The initiative seeks to promote proper management of end-of-life electronics worldwide.