The following are facilities that have achieved, renewed or otherwise regained R2 certification over the past week:

9129-4710 Québec (Distribution S.I.) of Jonquiere, Quebec; Alpha Surplus of Ontario, Calif.; Buy Back Solutions of Oklahoma City; CIE International (dba C2 Management) of Berryville, Va.; eLot Electronics Recycling of Glenmont, N.Y.; Global Electronic Recycling of Phoenix; GSM World Limited of Hong Kong; Li Tong (H.K.) Telecom Company (dba Li Tong Group) of Hong Kong; NorthStar Mobile of Union, N.J.; Reverse Tech (dba eSCO Processing and Recycling) of Springfield, Mo.; TES Total Environmental Solution of Jönköping, Sweden; TES USA of Tucker, Ga.; TES-AMM (INDIA) of Haryana, India; Tes-Amm Central Europe of Recklinghausen, Germany; TES-AMM España Asset Recovery and Recycling of Madrid; Tes-Amm SAS of Senonches, France; Titan Deals of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; and Transpere of Grove City, Ohio. 

After completing successful audits, the organization listed below achieved one or more of these NAID AAA certifications: physical destruction of hard drives, physical destruction of solid state devices, over-writing or degaussing of physical hard drives, over-writing of solid state devices.

Sycamore International of West Grove, Pa. 

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Allegheny Shredders
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