The e-Stewards certification standard update, titled V4.0, is slated for a Feb. 25 release. | Tashatuvango/Shutterstock

The e-Stewards e-scrap certification body is gearing up to release an update, and it’s providing certain perks to draw in operators that have not been certified to the standard previously.

Companies that sign up by Nov. 20, and commit to having their first facility certified to the new standard, titled V4.0, within six months of its release, will receive a discount on their first annual license fee.

Those companies will also be able to give feedback on the draft of the new standard during a comment period for certified recyclers that runs from Oct. 21 to Nov. 20.

“We are excited about our new streamlined Standard Version 4.0 and want to provide an incentive for newcomers wishing to help us refine it and then join the e-Stewards Community,” Salomé Stähli, e-Stewards program manager, in a release.

The e-Stewards update, which has been in development for eight months, will undergo two comment periods. At some point after the October and November period, another three-week period will be open for the general public to comment.

The V4.0 update is slated for a Feb. 25 release. A webinar will be held on Nov. 16 to discuss the new standard.

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