electronics recyclingAn update to the e-scrap recycling certification standard incorporates the latest version of the ISO 14001 standard, as well as approved amendments to the second e-Stewards iteration and other changes.

The release of the e-Stewards Standard Version 3.0 comes after a four-week public consultation process in February.

“The improved e-Stewards Standard V 3.0 surpasses V 2.0 and continues to ensure its industry leadership role as the global gold standard for electronics recyclers and refurbishers,” according to a press release from Basel Action Network (BAN), which founded e-Stewards.

According to the press release, the standard recently incorporated its performance verification program. That program includes both unannounced inspections of certified facilities and the random placement of GPS tracker on electronics heading into e-Stewards facilities. Both efforts augment the normal third-party audit program, and both are included in the version 3.0.

In an interview, Jim Puckett, BAN’s executive director, said e-Stewards plans to deploy 10 GPS trackers a year as part of its verification program.

The e-Stewards organization released a document highlighting changes from the second version.