In other news, E-ScrapA podcast discusses data destruction, and residents near Chicago now have free e-scrap recycling.

Exploding phones: Californians Against Waste have weighed in on the issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The group says the recall of the phone is creating a massive amount of waste.

Wipe or destroy?: A new podcast from ITADTech discusses the differences between wiping a hard drive versus destroying it. ITADTech co-founder Bill Baron talks with Nathan Jones, vice president of data destruction firm WhiteCanyon.

E-scrap collection: Residents of Joliet, Ill. now have a free e-scrap recycling drop-off center, according to The Herald-News. Will County will open the center for two hours twice a month. It accepts TVs, computers and other electronics.

Device-tracking dispute: Li Tong Group of Hong Kong has weighed in on a recent dispute connected to the Basel Action Network (BAN) e-scrap tracking project and Vermont company Good Point Recycling. The dispute relates to a tracked device discussed in BAN’s Scam Recycling report (pages 56-57). Good Point Recycling provided a response here.

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