In other news, E-ScrapEven though we can’t see the “cloud” in cloud computing, we can see the environmental effects, according to one blogger.

Side effects from the cloud: A post on the Points technology research blog describes the consequences data centers have on the environment, including the amount of e-scrap they generate. The energy efficiency of IT infrastructure is expected to improve, but not at the rate needed to keep up with data traffic.

Save the speakers: A London designer has invented a device that could keep old stereo speakers out the e-scrap stream. Wired reports on the Vamp Stereo, which turns any speaker into a wireless and portable device.

BAN vs. R2: The Basel Action Network has published a paper explaining the differences between its e-scrap certification, e-Stewards, and the R2 certification housed by SERI. BAN claims those following the R2 program could be violating international law.