In other news, E-ScrapGoodwill Industries in Indiana is no longer accepting TVs at some locations due to CRT recycling issues, and a modular computer concept looks for funding.

Grant keeps costs down: Steuben County, in New York, is applying for a state grant that will be used to keep its e-scrap recycling program free. Currently, the county doesn’t charge residents to drop off electronics at the county landfill and transfer stations. Officials tell The Leader the $26,000 grant will cover about half the county’s costs.

CRT struggles: Goodwill stores in a handful of Indiana counties will no longer accept TVs. The Indiana Gazette reports it’s gotten too expensive for Goodwill to dispose of the TVs properly due to the high costs of sending CRTs downstream.

Modular computer? A U.K. firm has developed an open source, modular computer that can be easily repaired and updated, possibly decreasing the number of computers in the e-scrap stream in the future. says the company is still in the fundraising stage of development.

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