In other news, E-ScrapGrant money is boosting Maryland e-scrap programs, and Brazilian exchange students are studying how to make e-scrap disposal safer.

E-scrap exchange: Four engineering students from Brazil are at Loyola University Maryland this summer as part of a Brazilian government exchange program for college students. The students are designing a tool that will allow for the safe removal of wires from e-waste.

Circuit board jewelry: An artist in New York is using old circuit boards to create necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and other jewelry. The website reports on Amanda Preske, who seals her creations with epoxy resin.

Municipal grants: Maryland is handing out $250,000 in grant money to counties and municipalities to help with their e-scrap collection and recycling programs, says Southern Maryland Online. The individual grants range from $5,000 to nearly $32,000.