A Spanish company has launched a pilot project to use leaded CRT glass in ceramic tiles, and the U.K. wants the electronics industry to collect more material for recycling in 2015.

E-scrap recycling is ramping up in Israel, following the implementation of an extended producer responsibility law in the country. The law, which went into effect in March 2014, will in coming years require electronics manufacturers and importers to pay to recycle half of the total weight of the electronics they sell.

Spain-based LIFE ClayGlass is in the midst of a trial project to use leaded CRT glass in the manufacture of ceramic tiles. The project, which has received funding from the European Commission’s “LIFE Programme,” mirrors that of another Spanish firm, Camacho Recycling, by attempting to feed the ceramics industry in Europe with CRT glass. It is unclear whether LIFE ClayGlass is seeking to process CRT glass imported from the U.S.

Product manufacturers in the U.K. will be required to collect and recycle 560,000 tons of electronics and appliances in 2015, nearly 4 percent more than last year, the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills announced. The manufacturers have until March 10 to comment on the proposed targets.