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US scrap paper and plastic exports fall

Published: May 22, 2023

container ship at pier

First-quarter fiber exports to India dropped significantly from 2022 numbers; meanwhile, Thailand stepped up as the prime destination. | Canetti/Shutterstock

U.S. companies exported 8% less recovered fiber and 10% less scrap plastic during the first quarter of 2023 than they did a year earlier, and there were some dramatic changes in where material was flowing. Continue Reading

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ISRI recap: Exporters continue to face uncertainty

Published: April 24, 2023


A session at the ISRI Convention in Nashville, Tenn. featured (from left) moderator Jacqueline Lotzkar, Zhang Lin and Robin Cai. | Dan Leif/Resource Recycling

Last week’s Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Convention put a focus on two issues critical to the global side of the sector: the state of recycling in China and efforts to enhance shipping protocols. Continue Reading

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EU-to-US scrap plastics trade under threat

Published: January 23, 2023


Industry leaders oppose the European Commission’s proposed phase-out of plastics exports, arguing such a move would restrict trade. | European Parliament Multimedia Centre

A branch of the European Union wants to end all exports of recovered plastics within the next four years, a move that would undoubtedly disrupt trade with the U.S. One company leader suggested the impacts could hinge on what the EU decides to consider “waste.”

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Fiber and plastic exports drop 8% and 22%

Published: November 14, 2022


Canada remains the top destination for U.S. scrap plastic exports, and India takes the top spot for scrap fiber. | Anucha Sirivisansuwan/Shutterstock

U.S. companies exported less scrap paper and plastic during the first nine months of this year, an analysis of federal trade data shows.  Continue Reading

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US recovered fiber and plastic exports drop

Published: September 7, 2022

Loading and unloading at shipping port in Long Beach, Calif.

U.S. companies exported 8.7 million short tons of recovered paper and OCC during the first half of 2022. | Richard H Grant/Shutterstock

U.S. exports of fiber bales came down slightly during the first half of this year, trade data shows. At the same time, overseas shipments of scrap plastics took a tumble.

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