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Recycling industry related Requests for Proposals


Requests for Proposals


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The Recycling Partnership is accepting proposals from cities and towns on coastal shorelines, along the Mississippi River or the Great Lakes for conversion of a bin or bag-based curbside recycling collection program to a cart-based program; or the implementation of a new curbside recycling program using cart-based collection. Applications are due Sept. 21.

Calvert County, Md. is accepting bids for lamp recycling services. Responses are due Sept. 26.

The Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable (British Columbia) is seeking proposals for operational services for the province’s major appliance stewardship plan. Responses are due Oct. 2.

The City of Annapolis, Md. is seeking bids for curbside refuse, yard trimmings and recycling collection services. Responses are due Oct. 3.

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation has issued a request for scientific research pre-proposals on residential recycling to support the long-term needs and strategic direction of the solid waste field. Responses are due Dec. 3.

The Recycling Partnership is accepting proposals from counties, municipalities, tribes and solid waste authorities with 4,000 or more households seeking to upgrade to cart-based curbside recycling collection. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, as long as funds are available.

The Closed Loop Fund is accepting proposals to fund replicable and financially viable recycling infrastructure projects across three primary categories: collection, sortation, and processing/end markets.  Additionally, the Fund has identified priority areas in the following: small format rigid plastics, glass, and comprehensive infrastructure development in underserved recycling markets. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

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